The Basic Books of Rudolf Steiner: A Compact Guide for Personal and Group Study

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Over the course of his career, Rudolf Steiner wrote seven foundational works—seven basic books—that present a pathway from the earthly realms to the higher worlds. Each taking up a different viewpoint to represent the many pathways to the spirit, the basic books share two characteristics in common: each is written for the general public, and each presented a complete path to the higher worlds. Steiner intended the basic books to provide the seeker with guidance that honors the freedom of individual conscience in the modern age of thinking. In this holistic yet compact survey, Spaulding draws on forty years of teaching and lecturing to present a guide to the basic books that weaves specific advice for study into the rich context of Steiner’s biography, his major social initiatives and artistic works, and the three major periods of the development of the Anthroposophical Society. This book will prove valuable for a broad range of readers, from the novice who is approaching Steiner for the first time and seeking a foothold in where to start and what to read; to the long-time student and experienced anthroposophist who is seeking guideposts for further insight and meditative depth; to the study group that is taking up one of the basic books and would like a companion for discussion, reflection, and inspiration.

Includes a new translation of the Foundation Stone Mediation into the American plain style.

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Part I:  The Basic Books and the first period of the Anthroposophical Movement (1902- 1909)

The Dawn of the Age of Light and the First Three Basic Books
The Relation of the Basic Books to the Mystery Streams
The Philosophy of Freedom

Part II:  The Renewal of the Arts and the second period of the Anthroposophical Movement (1909- 1916)

The Northern Mystery Stream and the Activity of Anthroposophia
The Heralds of the Michael Age in World Literature
The Mystery Dramas and the Renewal of the Arts

Part III:  The Social Initiatives and the third period of the Anthroposophical Movement (1916- 1923)
and the Founding of the General Anthroposophical Society (1923- 1925)

The Threefold Social Order and the Opportunity for Social Renewal
The Impulse of Freedom Founded in the Social Initiatives
Steiner’s Core Mission and the Founding of the General Anthroposophical Society


Chart I —   Theosophy Chapter one — The Essential Nature of the Human Being (Carl Unger’s Chart)          
Chart II —   Theosophy Chapter two — Destiny and the Reincarnation of the Spirit (Carl Unger’s Chart)    
Chart III —   Comparison of the Spiritual World in Theosophy and in Occult Science (Hans Gebert’s Chart)
Chart IV —   Knowledge of Higher Worlds chapter 6                                                                                      
Chart V —   Relation of Occult Science to the Basic Books of the Eastern Path
Chart VI —   The Philosophy of Freedom Part I                                                                                                    
Chart VII —   The Philosophy of Freedom Part II                                                                                                 
Chart VIII —   The Basic Books (1902 – 1909)                                                                                                      
Chart IX —   World Literature                                                                                                                                       
Chart X — The Renewal of the Arts (1909 — 1916)                                                                                        
Chart XI — The Social Initiatives (1916 — 1923) and the Founding of the General Anthroposophical Society (1923 — 1925)