About the press


about the press

The Wrightwood Press is a non-profit organization incorporated in Michigan, located in Ann Arbor. The Press seeks to enrich American culture and promote a uniquely American path of self-development through the publication of literary, scientific, critical, historical, and biographical works related to the culture and society of the United States. We also publish educational research on the distinctive grammar of the American language and curricula for the study of writing, literature, and history. The Press complements its publications with lectures, workshops and other programs that seek to promote a modern American school of history and literature. 


Readers are welcome to reproduce and use any part of works published by the Press, up to 25%, for non-profit personal or group study in print or electronic form, including electronic reserves. For inquiries about use in excess of 25%, or for commercial use or re-publication, please email sales@wrightwoodpress.org

Shipping information

 Our goal is to fill orders as quickly as possible once they have been placed. Most orders will ship within 2-3 days of order receipt. We ship through the US Postal Service and offer Priority Mail, Parcel Post, or Express shipping. Please indicate your shipping preference at the time of order. With certain orders, especially where the quantity ordered is five books or more, we may select alternate shipping methods when they are less expensive, and update your order to reflect any savings.

special discounts

Special discounts and bulk purchases are available to NON-PROFITS, LIBRARIES, EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS, WORKSHOP SPONSORS, STUDY GROUPS, etc. Please contact sales@wrightwoodpress.org for more information and a quote on the quantity you would like to order.

our contact information

By email: sales@wrightwoodpress.org
By phone: 734.707.7021